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    Mission Statement
    We aim to be an innovative puppet theatre company by exploring and experimenting with the varied mediums of Puppet Arts. We hope to touch and engage emotionally with adults and children through developing our understanding of the language of puppetry and related object theatre. Puppetry is magical, it should be recognised and celebrated as a complex, powerful and spiritual art form. 



    Company History

    Sokobauno was formed by Shane Connolly in 2002 After his graduation in  Puppet Theatre Arts' from The Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre in Glasgow. Shane is an experienced puppeteer and maker of both masks and puppets, he is also a professional musiscian.


    Fox Mask: Made for Scottish band Foxface in 2007

    New News  

    Sokobauno have recently put the finishing touches to their new Flea Circus show.
    Albert's Amazing Acrobatic Flea Circus image below from the show at
     The Puppet Centre in Glasgow on March the 8th 2014

    Sokobauno Shane Connolly drum

    Arts Accross Learning Festival 2014

    We had a great time at the Arts Accross Learning Festival in Aberdeen and would like to thank Adventure Aberdeen for hosting us and the two local Primary Schools for being so easy to work with, for being so keen and for making such brilliant puppets.

    Little fawn Shane Connolly Sokobauno

    Sokobauno Shane Connolly Aberdeen

    We are now working on a new project with Yorkhill Children's Hospital. We will create a new shadow theatre body stage which will allow us to process from ward to ward or bed to bed. We will create a new tailor-made show. for this event too hopefully using Shane's One Hundred Fingered Man poem. 

    He had fifty digits on each hand
    Did the funny 100 fingered man

    His grasp so strong,
    his wave a blur
    Not to stare for some did not occur...

    We are currently planning for our night with Vialka on the 25th March at The Old Hairdresser's in Glasgow

    And preparing and re - building our shadow production of the Pied Piper for this years Puppet Animation Festival 

    Other News

    We are also touring our new look Little Fawn Caravan. The company were very happy to have Visual Artist and puppeteer Claudine Rivest from Montreal work with us over the last 8 months. We are very greatful for Claudine's input she has really spruced things up.

 See claudine's work here

    Norwich Puppet Theatre

    Shane will take the road south once more to join up with Norwich Puppet Theatre (September to Jan) after a long stint at NPT in 2011/12 as a puppeteer on Red Riding Hood, with fellow puppeteer Zannie Fraser, the show will tour again with a new female puppeteer joining the team for this 2014 in-house run and English tour. The show has been designed and directed by the renowned Peter O'Rourke.  

    red riding hood



    In rehearsal with glove puppets Joyce and Maureen, the washer woman in Red Riding Hood with Zannie Fraser on little Red.

    Whuppitie Stoorie: Research is now underway for this wonderful scottish story. It will feature as our first prouction for The Little Fawn caravan,

    We are working in collaboration with Animator Emma Bowen and are planning to explore new techniques combining video animation with toy theatre. 

    Sokobauno have a rehearsal/studio space in The Kinning Park Arts Complex in Glasgow.
 We are very lucky and happy to be a part of this great building very few autonomous centres around these days please do take a look at the ever varied program of talks, classes and events .

    Sokobauno also own a hut and are part of the hutters community of Carbeth in Glasgow

    Mauro Shane Connolly Carbeth

    My dog Mauro at the hut.

    Please feel free to contact us.
    Find out more about our Puppet Productions here about Sokobauno and please feel free to contact us.

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